Secrets of a Successful Charity Marathon Event Management  

Want to know the secrets of a successful charity? If it is your first time managing an event, know that everything you are feeling right now is what also the experienced event planners have undergone during their first few event management projects.

If the event you are handling right now is a charity marathon event, you better hold your grip. It is true that handling such an event is extremely overwhelming.

Management Secrets of a Successful Charity

You have to think about the budget that you are going to allocate for this event, the route that you are going to let the participants go through, the security needed, the amount needed to be raised, the size of the volunteer staff that will oversee the event and so on.

It can even get chaotic when you don’t have any experience or you just have to rely on yourself since hiring an event planner can be quite expensive. There are no sweet words to cover the complexity about handling an event, but as long as you keep your cool and follow the tips below, you will be able to have a successful charity marathon event.




Run a Charity Marathon Like a Business

Marathon racing events starts from choosing the route that you plan for the participants to do the marathon, managing participant safety, transportation, staff, resources, legalities and many more.

You should also be looking for participants, and the way to do this is to market your event. Once you have all these covered in your plans, you will be able to imagine clearly how much of a budget you are going to need.

Keep in mind that the budget of a charity event includes the specific amount that you need to acquire, since a charity event is a fundraising activity, after all. This is one of the common mistakes of event planning!

Keep Track of all of your Assets

There are bound to have a lot of participants in a marathon event, because it is a win-win for both sides – the organizer is able to raise funds while the participants are able to run for a healthy lifestyle. The amount that you will be giving to charity is the net – meaning that you have already deducted the total expenses from the total amount you have raised in the event.




Finding a target audience is easy with charity marathon events, but it will need a group of active staff that will be doing the marketing. The target audience are obviously those who spend a lot of time participating in marathon events or those who just simply run during their free time in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

After this, you will need to promote the event. There are various ways to market your event – ask permission at malls if you can post up an event poster and also place volunteer staff that will accept registration. It is even better if one of the sponsors of the event has a high position or the owner of companies or malls.

Do not Forget Anyone!

The social media is even very powerful as it can spread the news of an event in just a matter of milliseconds, and really adore the people who are helping you help others. These are the secrets of a successful charity.


Don’t forget to thank all the people that have contributed to making the charity marathon event a success.

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