How Event Management of Charity Marathon Works

What makes a party even better is when you know that it is planned for a worthy cause. You’ve seen this a lot – event management of charity logistics.

There are different purposes of events and what they are for. It can be as simple as a simple party or feeding for children that are less privileged, or to the most extravagant by organizing a marathon race for certain foundations like donating everything to a hospital for cancer patients, heart related illnesses and many more.

Volunteers are like Liquid Gold

Although a lot of people prefer to show their support by donating their money, there are those that go the extra mile as attending the event itself as volunteers.

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Event Management of Charity Planning

Planning charity events may seem easy at first glance, but it can get complicated depending on what the event is all about. This article talks about a marathon race, which takes a lot of time to organize a successful one while limiting common mistakes.

A wedding event is even planned as far as a year in advance from the day of the event. The same can be said with marathon races. However, it can be planned a few months from the actual date of the event, but this depends on the scale of the event itself.

If you are planning to manage a 5k marathon race event, especially for charities, you need to handle two aspects of the event, which are the marathon event itself and the charity.

Treat it Like a Business

Charity marathon races serves the same as a fundraising event, only that all funds raised during the event goes to the charity it has arranged with.



Since the marathon race is for a charity, the goal of the event itself is to raise the amount of money that the organizers of the event should aim for. Everything about this event is geared towards raising the money. The money that is raised during the event is the net itself, which means that the final amount after the expenses of the event are deducted.

There should be a budgeting list, too. Event planners need to plan all the expected expenses required in order to hold the event. The budget should include the staff, the venue where the marathon will take place, security, utilities, invitations and many more.

The budget should also include the fundraising goal, in order to ensure that the amount is raised above all the expenses. The budget should also include other unforeseen costs.



In the marathon side, the event planner should handle all the necessary details, whether it is a 5k, 10k or longer. The budget will increase depending on the distance of the marathon.

Working with officials is a must, too, since public roads or other venues like sport centers are going to be used for the racers. Strategic meeting is also going to take place, with the sponsors that will improve the marathon race.

Assessing the success of the event needs to be included, too, as you will also figure out what other things that did not work well. The charity marathon event itself should be marketed in order to spread word about it.

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