Event Planning Mistakes With Charity Marathon Racing

Want to avoid common event planning mistakes? You are reading this in the hopes that the charity event you are handling should be free of mistakes. If it is your first time handling an event, you are just fooling yourself.

Every event is bound to have mistakes, but they gradually diminish after you have handled a lot of events. For beginners, however, it should be expected that you will have mistakes, especially with charity marathon racing events.

It is true that such an event can get really overwhelming, even with all the dedicated volunteers doing their best. But this does not mean to say that you have to give up and just let the event flow without proper planning.

By reading the common mistakes below, you will be able to lessen the mistakes committed by many, even amongst professional event planners.




Remind yourself of All the Reasons

Most charity events, including marathons include more than just a single goal!!!

Aside from raising the money for the cause, you need to expand the circle that will reach various supporters or even cultivate your relationships with the most significant donors. You also need to increase the awareness of your event within the local community.

In a charity marathon event, there is a specific amount of money that you want to achieve. Make sure that all your goals are defined and prioritize each of them.

Get an Event Credit Card To Keep track of Expenses

It is absolutely necessary to keep tack of expenses, and the easiest way to do this is to use a credit card for purchasing items and for retrieving petty cash for emergencies. Since charity events can be unlike a business or not, banks shy away from giving loans for an event – grants or donations maybe.

If you are unable to get bank help before the event, consider a “high risk merchant processing” account. This is a fancy term for a credit card that is usable for your charity events. There are so many reasons to have one – especially if you are dealing with hotels, travel and security deposits for equipment.

Make Goals as Specific as Possible with Deadlines

Like how organizations have a vision and a mission,  your events should be on similar terms, too. When you set up your goals, you must be as specific as you can. In accordance with creating goals, you should also make a master schedule.

It can be quite a daunting task for someone new to this, but it will be a wise thing to do, especially doing big projects as its purpose. Whether this is an event that will happen in 3 months or 12 months later, having a schedule fixed will become an invaluable piece to you.

Fill your schedule with dates on every milestone that is set for the event. It should be set from the very first meeting you will conduct up until the final day. This will help remind you whenever you forget what you need to do on a particular day.


Runners cross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge at the start of the ING New York City Marathon Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008 in New York. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Don’t Forget the Holidays and Competing Local Events

You should also think about other charity marathon events that are taking place. Professional event planners check on the holiday calendar.

These holidays are known throughout, but it is also your duty what these holidays can do when they interfere with the turnout of the charity event. Avoid being unaware of these events or it will interfere with yours, especially when you schedule it in the same day with big sporting events.

Don’t forget to check in your locale, to see if you can find any resources for your charity marathon event that will aid in publishing the event.




Don’t overlook the number of volunteers you are going to get and the number of volunteers is affected according to the size of your event. There are specific tasks that you are going to assign them and it will turn out during your first meeting or up until you have finalized what is going to happen during the event. That is how you avoid the most common event planning mistakes.

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Secrets of a Successful Charity Marathon Event Management  

Want to know the secrets of a successful charity? If it is your first time managing an event, know that everything you are feeling right now is what also the experienced event planners have undergone during their first few event management projects.

If the event you are handling right now is a charity marathon event, you better hold your grip. It is true that handling such an event is extremely overwhelming.

Management Secrets of a Successful Charity

You have to think about the budget that you are going to allocate for this event, the route that you are going to let the participants go through, the security needed, the amount needed to be raised, the size of the volunteer staff that will oversee the event and so on.

It can even get chaotic when you don’t have any experience or you just have to rely on yourself since hiring an event planner can be quite expensive. There are no sweet words to cover the complexity about handling an event, but as long as you keep your cool and follow the tips below, you will be able to have a successful charity marathon event.




Run a Charity Marathon Like a Business

Marathon racing events starts from choosing the route that you plan for the participants to do the marathon, managing participant safety, transportation, staff, resources, legalities and many more.

You should also be looking for participants, and the way to do this is to market your event. Once you have all these covered in your plans, you will be able to imagine clearly how much of a budget you are going to need.

Keep in mind that the budget of a charity event includes the specific amount that you need to acquire, since a charity event is a fundraising activity, after all. This is one of the common mistakes of event planning!

Keep Track of all of your Assets

There are bound to have a lot of participants in a marathon event, because it is a win-win for both sides – the organizer is able to raise funds while the participants are able to run for a healthy lifestyle. The amount that you will be giving to charity is the net – meaning that you have already deducted the total expenses from the total amount you have raised in the event.




Finding a target audience is easy with charity marathon events, but it will need a group of active staff that will be doing the marketing. The target audience are obviously those who spend a lot of time participating in marathon events or those who just simply run during their free time in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

After this, you will need to promote the event. There are various ways to market your event – ask permission at malls if you can post up an event poster and also place volunteer staff that will accept registration. It is even better if one of the sponsors of the event has a high position or the owner of companies or malls.

Do not Forget Anyone!

The social media is even very powerful as it can spread the news of an event in just a matter of milliseconds, and really adore the people who are helping you help others. These are the secrets of a successful charity.


Don’t forget to thank all the people that have contributed to making the charity marathon event a success.

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How to Manage Charity Marathon Race Event

Learn how to manage charity events. Charity events always gather a lot of participants, be it volunteers, sponsors or just your regular folks. And there is room for making mistakes.

But as of late, a lot of organizations are opting to recruit fundraisers via events that attract more interactivity like marathon races. Such event does give a lot of benefits to both the event organizers and the participants, not to mention it is also a healthy way for them to raise the money for the purpose of charity.

It is also a way to visibly publicize the cause of the charity within the community. Below are the basics on how you should manage a charity marathon event.




How To Manage Charity Event Planning

When you plan a marathon race, it starts with choosing the route. Marathon racing can get massive, since there are a lot of participants that love to join.

You need to consider carefully the route that the participants are going to run through. It plays a pivotal role and affects other decisions that follow afterwards, such as deciding on the size of the staff, transportation, security, signage, volunteers and also the participants’ satisfaction.

When you map out the running course, you must determine first the kind of event that you are going to hold. Since this is a charity event, mostly it is inclusive in its cause since the more inclusive the charity event is, it equally means that people of all physical abilities and ages are able to participate in the event.

Test your plan Out!

It is highly recommended that the route you have chosen you have to run or walk it around yourself. This is like surveying the surroundings – you get to see the situation for yourself, paying attention to traffic, elevation gain, conditions and every other factors that you will notice out there.

This will also make you decide on fitting the right conditions according to the ability levels of your participants. The common distances routes that charity event takes are the 5k, 10k, 16k, 21k, and the marathon.




Safety, Safety, and did I mention, SAFETY?

You should also take into consideration about the participants’ safety. This is strongly considered when you map out the route they are going to run through. Take into account the traffic travel through that route, the adequate number of pedestrian lanes that will keep the participants safe from traffic, etc.

Transportation to Everywhere

There are more questions that will raise during this stage. Transportation should be included into the calculation, too. This means access to spectators and participants with transportation. You have to make sure that the course is close to where public transportation is, including the parking areas for those who brought their vehicles with them.




Take into Consideration the Fans, Too!

The number of spectators and participants that you should be expecting on the day of the event, including the course length are two factors that will affect the size of the volunteers and the resources you will need. Learn from other marathon event coordinators how to manage charity logistics.

Some of the common resources that you need to have are tents, water, food, trash cans, portable toilets, tables, PA system, stage for the awarding ceremony, generator, and many more. Don’t forget to touch on the legal side of charity marathon races.

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How Event Management of Charity Marathon Works

What makes a party even better is when you know that it is planned for a worthy cause. You’ve seen this a lot – event management of charity logistics.

There are different purposes of events and what they are for. It can be as simple as a simple party or feeding for children that are less privileged, or to the most extravagant by organizing a marathon race for certain foundations like donating everything to a hospital for cancer patients, heart related illnesses and many more.

Volunteers are like Liquid Gold

Although a lot of people prefer to show their support by donating their money, there are those that go the extra mile as attending the event itself as volunteers.

hands holding letters spelling words


Event Management of Charity Planning

Planning charity events may seem easy at first glance, but it can get complicated depending on what the event is all about. This article talks about a marathon race, which takes a lot of time to organize a successful one while limiting common mistakes.

A wedding event is even planned as far as a year in advance from the day of the event. The same can be said with marathon races. However, it can be planned a few months from the actual date of the event, but this depends on the scale of the event itself.

If you are planning to manage a 5k marathon race event, especially for charities, you need to handle two aspects of the event, which are the marathon event itself and the charity.

Treat it Like a Business

Charity marathon races serves the same as a fundraising event, only that all funds raised during the event goes to the charity it has arranged with.



Since the marathon race is for a charity, the goal of the event itself is to raise the amount of money that the organizers of the event should aim for. Everything about this event is geared towards raising the money. The money that is raised during the event is the net itself, which means that the final amount after the expenses of the event are deducted.

There should be a budgeting list, too. Event planners need to plan all the expected expenses required in order to hold the event. The budget should include the staff, the venue where the marathon will take place, security, utilities, invitations and many more.

The budget should also include the fundraising goal, in order to ensure that the amount is raised above all the expenses. The budget should also include other unforeseen costs.



In the marathon side, the event planner should handle all the necessary details, whether it is a 5k, 10k or longer. The budget will increase depending on the distance of the marathon.

Working with officials is a must, too, since public roads or other venues like sport centers are going to be used for the racers. Strategic meeting is also going to take place, with the sponsors that will improve the marathon race.

Assessing the success of the event needs to be included, too, as you will also figure out what other things that did not work well. The charity marathon event itself should be marketed in order to spread word about it.

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